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25th Tom Jenkins Run / Walk Challenge

Search by Race Number... Search by License Number... Search by any wording on your clothes IE. Club Name / Club Letters / Single Words of a club name (RAC / Voortrekker / Magnolia / Run / Walk / Life / SAV / GES) should all return some results and help you find your picture. If we didn't capture you this time, we'll try harder the next time!

Oppie Bol Road Race

Knowing when you went past 6km and the 10km/21km split will help you identify which album your picture will be in.

Tembisa Street Mile & 10km

Please work out the time you passed the 7.5km mark in the 10km race to help you find your picture in the correct album. What an awesome event!

CSI Irene Farm Race - 2018

Please take note of the album names and times to help you identify which album your picture might be in. Congratulations to everyone you took part and well done to the organizers for hosting such a great event!

OVS - Private Album

Diepkloof Half Marathon & 10km - 2018

Pictures from the first water point of both the 21.1km an 10km.

CSIR Race - 20 October 2018

Knowing your 10km and 21km finish time, as well as the time you went through half way on the 21km, will help you identify which albums your pictures will be in :). Well done to all those who ran the CSRI Race and congratulations to the organizers on an exceptionally well run event. Please share this event with your running friends so they can find their pictures too. Thanks :)

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